Your Pink Peaches

Letters of Pink Peaches is created to share our passion and love on how to live with inspired lifestyle. We got our name based on our favorite movie + Fav. Color + two Girly Friends = your new Lifestyle Guide and Best friend. On Letters of Pink Peaches you’ll find daily inspiration for crafts, foods, fashion and everything. We love sharing projects that can bring excitement to you.

We hope to create good vibes and spread positive outlook towards life. Friends, Family, acquaintances even your foes they are the elements of our journey to find true happiness. Go out, speak loud, smile wide, laugh, play around.

How we started?

Cristalle and I used to know each other before we became my colleagues, it was just a “customer-vendor” relationship back then. May 2012 when she was hired in our office and we were able to develop deep bond of friendship. A few months later, thread of events came along the way and she has leave us. As a first time mom, she knows the best she can do for her son and to her husband as well. She faced a big decision-making in her life. Being a full-time mom and wife. Meanwhile, I chose to stay on my job as Branch Operations Assistant. I met new Friends and new colleagues. Cristalle and I, we wanted to do something that we’re passionate about. We wanted to continue what we have started and show the world what we can do together. We’re friends, we’re sisters, we are partners in crime. WE ARE YOUR PINK PEACHES ❤

"Inspire more, Hate less and Love Life"

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