Duo-Review : Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo by Human Heart Nature

Hi Pet Lovers and Future Pet owners!

This will be our first review which we will categorize as Duo-Review. Meaning, we will be posting our own opinions on the same product in different situation.

Dogs are men’s best friend  indeed. They are the only one who loves us more than themselves. As we treat them as a part of our Family, our Best Friend and companion.  Providing them food, shelter and love, gives complete happiness to our pooch. Cuddling and playing around with our Furry everyday, surely we wanted to give them the best bath ever that they deserve. Our pets deserve only the good so here’s our review for HUMAN NATURE’s Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo in collaboration with Ms. Rachel Grant (HN’s Global Ambassador).

2013-06-24 18.25.38

100% No Harmful Chemicals: No sulfates, PEGs, triclosan, parabens, synthetic fragrances, silicones or other nasty stuff! Just 100% LOVE. Its Purryfect! 😉

Here’s what Cristalle and Cera have to say about it:

When I started shifting  to  natural and organic lifestyle, I also started  searching the  same thing for my Cera( Shih tzu) .  It’s quite challenging to look in the market cause most of them are available in other country only and if I find one its way too expensive for me to afford. Thanks to Human Nature, Cera is enjoying a Natural Pet shampoo now .


Lovely Cera ready to take a shot with her new buddy shampoo

This cocomutt shampoo is great give’s extra shine to Cera’s  hair, refreshing  Mandarin  scent and affordable compared to other chemical based shampoo.


Don’t get deceived by her cuteness, she’s sometimes grouchy with others

Angel and Lelouch POV :

It was actually my first time to like pets. Cristalle have been telling be before to have one but was kinda hesitant because I’m worried that no one will take care of it at home since all of us leaves early in the morning everyday and get back home at night. I have not thought that my dad who works in the farm actually would love to. To tell you the truth, I’m really scared with hairy and warm-blooded animals. Until….

Last month, my brother brought home a cute little Angel. Me and my mom we’re both surprised to see that there’s a feeding bottle in the dining table. We thought that our visitors have arrived(we’re expecting our cousins and relatives). Only to find that it’s a 1 week only puppy. At first, I got mad to my brother for bringing him in. But, upon hearing the true story of Lelouch  (named after an anime character Lelouch Vi Britania)  who is actually an “AsPin” (Filipino term for Philippine domestic Dog) I have accepted the fact that we have to take care of him. Because he has no other family to get back to. Eventually, Lelouch is our families youngest member. My dad is the one who takes care of him everyday and the rest of us is responsible for his everyday needs. Food , grooming hygiene and toys.


He’s very sweet but camera shy

The first gift I had for Lelouch is HN’s Furry Kind Cocomutt Shampoo. Everyone at home is excited to use it for our baby. Here’s what we have to say :

Pet: Lelouch (Aspin)

Hair : White and spots of Brown

Effects : His hair gets smoother  and brighter than before. No stingy smell even after whole day of playing around.

Cleansing Property: It is not as foaming as other shampoos since it uses a natural surfactant. No worries coz it will gently cleanse their bodies without compromise.

Scent: It’s in Fresh Tangerine Scent which will attract good vibes to them. Mood set!

There you go! 🙂 Our verdict for Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo. After washing them, they are ready for your hugs and kisses. Remember: Our pets deserves the best treatment  we can offer. No exceptions, may it be a shih tzu and other breed or may it be “Aspin”. Choose only the good for our dear friends.

And by the way, kindly check out Ms. Rachel Grant and her newly rescued dog from Southampton Animal Shelter “Kia”. Your vote and like will be a great help for their campaign. Here’s Kia’s page: http://www.cesarsway.com/skin-care-awareness/Kia-Groomed-by-Grant

— Yours truly

Pink Peaches Angel & Cristalle


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