DIY: Homemade Ocean Blue Body Scrub

Many women are overloaded with the perpetual to-do list, and often put themselves at the bottom of that list. One way you can put yourself at the top again is to engage in self-care by getting regular  body scrub. There are various types of body scrubs, depending on your personal preferences and needs. There are also various benefits to body scrubs, some of which you may not even be aware of.

I’m a big fan of Body Scrubs so I’m using it at least twice a week. As a Mom I always think of ways how to have young and healthy looking skin but I don’t want to do expensive spas. That’s the very reason why I decided to make my own body scrub. Everything I need is just in our kitchen and  usual stuff.

Things you need: Sugar, Food Color,

Things you need
Scrub : White Sugar, Washed Sugar , Food Color & essential oil
Packaging : Empty Jar and Ribbon

Things Needed: 

White Sugar

Washed Sugar

Baby Oil (I used my son”s Human Nature Baby Oil)

Food Color (I used Blue, but can always use other color you prefer)

Empty Jar and Ribbon (for packaging – if you want to give it as a gift to your family or friends)

How to do? 

Mix the sugar and baby oil, add a few drops of food color. Then place it on the Jar and tie the ribbon.


My own Ocean Blue body Scrub

Don’t hesitate to play with colors. Drop your woes cause you will not be Jake’s doppelganger. It will give you a fresh,smooth and soft skin.

— Pink Cristalle


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